Mirjan van der Meer
Self-portrait photographer
Born in Frisia (The Netherlands)
Autumn, November 1987
Roaming the Northern lands of mist & its mysteries
Grew up as a farmer’s daughter surrounded by nature
Inspired by Sigur Rós, John Keats, J.R.R Tolkien, 
Marianne Fredriksson & BBC Costume drama
Nature is key
My mind is able to drift and my heart is able to create
A wanderer in solitude


I shoot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II & my favourite lens is the Canon EF 35mm, 1.4.
My images are (mostly) taken in Frisia (Friesland), a province in the North, situated in the Netherlands.
I usually go by bike and explore the grounds packed with my gear.
Usually dressed as if travelled through time, wearing clothes I love to wear (in stillness).
I get up (very) early, capturing the first rays of sunlight.
When a thick mist covers the world, I’m in heaven.
And when sheep are grazing the fields, I’ll smile from ear to ear.

“As an artist I ask you kindly not to use any of my work without my consent, thank you.”

Curriculum Vitae

Book covers

Book covers abroad: here

Dutch book covers: here



Upcoming 2018 March 3 till 18th of MarchKortrijk, Natural UNnatural (Belgium)

2016Zwevegem, In Love with Beauty (Belgium)

2013 Akkrum, De Innerlijke Bron (The Netherlands)

2009 Nantes, MelanieRio Gallery (France)

2007 Groningen, De Jongens Ronner (The Netherlands)



2017 (magazine) – Rucksack / The Winter Issue – Volume 1 – Red Coat in collaboration with Frederique Peckelsen

2016 (radio) – Radio 1, Bar du Matin (Belgium)

2013 (television) – Kunststof TV + Paolo Giordano

2013 (television) – TV Omroep Max

2013 (newspaper) Leeuwarden Courant

2013 (magazine) – BODY China Interview

2009 (television) – Omrop Fryslân

2009 (newspaper)NRC NEXT

2008 (magazine) – Homeland China Cover + Interview



2016 – images for Watersport Camping Heeg, collaboration with Ingeborg (Hollandse Meesters) & Marieke (Pimpelwit)

2014 – images for BRYCK Lifestyle

2009 – images for Noorderlicht (Groningen, The Netherlands)

2008 – image for a project about ‘cats‘: “Chats” by Anny Duperey (France)