I went to Belgium in April 2016 with a reason. I had my first exhibition abroad. If it wasn’t for Klaus Verscheure I would never had the opportunity to show my work. As a shy person, who doesn’t want to be put in a spotlight, this was a huge project. I had never seen myself as an artist before, the very idea of it. On top of that, I became the face of the exhibition: ‘In love with Beauty‘ in Zwevegem.

It took me a while to understand how big this actually was. All in all I will never forget that weekend, my parents joining me on this new and frightening journey. We took some time to explore the grounds set in WWI. That made an huge impact on me as well as I have read many books about it. We stayed at a cosy B&B; ‘De Deugdzonde‘. It was perfect, the farm is set in a beautiful rural area of Belgium, perfect for long quiet walks enjoying the sunset.

This whole experience made me realise that I should listen to my heart more closely. And so I thank the people who were with me the whole process. Here are some photographs I took, exploring the grounds near De Deugdzonde.

In March 2018 I had my second exhibition in Kortrijk, Natural – UNnatural. Together with another 11 amazing female artist we showed our photography/video. Again a million thanks to Klaus Verscheure and Luc Depuydt for making it possible. Scroll away and enjoy the scenery of Kortrijk.


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