Faroe Islands

I had the pleasure to go on a trip to the Faroe Islands together with my cousin Ingrid Hofstra. A huge thanks to Ingrid for making it possible. Also a huge thanks to Visit Faroe Islands for all the arrangements and the opportunity to photograph alongside Ingrid. I had an interesting trip, learned a lot about local food and had the pleasure meeting interesting people. My cousin is a well-known food photographer and it was a pleasure seeing her work.

We’ve visited many places, restaurants and local shops. I felt welcome, and that’s such a unique experience. The fact that you feel welcome is priceless. You get a down-to-earth feeling, feet on the ground, realistic. It’s a feeling I can’t describe, but I welcomed it and needed it. Besides the locals, nature… such force. So many tiny and big waterfalls. It’s magnificent. It’s the Faroe Islands. I couldn’t pick a few images, I want to show you a lot.

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