I was 18 when we went on holiday to Norway. I just had my new camera and I had no idea about techniques (still not really important to me). Nevertheless, these images remind me of an amazing trip towards one of the Northern countries of myths and legends. I remember only saying: ‘ooh, aaah‘ because no words could describe its beauty.

Some images are blurry, out of focus and not really sharp, the thing is I don’t mind. To me it was one of the best holidays I’d ever had with my parents and my younger brother. It was a big adventure and for the first time my dad was able to get away from our farm and really get out there. I remember my brother and I renting bikes, silly as that was. The climb was steep and of course I had to bring my camera. Silly me, I had to walk uphill with my gear and bike. Downhill we had a blast. So we did it again and again. Good times, great memories.


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